Monday, August 6, 2012

Pic Post!!!

Our computer/internet has been on the fritz the past few days so I am catching up with pics!!!
 Saying goodbye to Daddy!
Dalton has called twice and is having a ball in Argentina! He comes home Thursday night and we can't wait to have him back! Single parenting is for the birds!!!
It has been rainy here, but we have enjoyed swimming while we can!!!
When Mary Dalton's friends came over they all brought their AG dolls! They set them up around the pool ~ LOVED this!!!
 L to R ~ Maggie, Whitney Sue, Margaret Lynn, Mary Dalton & Marti Ann
Can't believe that they are going to be in 2nd grade!!!
 They were super sweet and had a great time playing!
I so wish we could steal Abby and put her in their class! She is in 3rd grade and so sweet!
We love her!
Mary D's class is full of boys and Jackson's class is full of girls!
Here he is with the FOUR boys in his class
L to R ~
Zac, Jackson, Will & Ty

 Jackson's 1st grade class with Miss Jillian
(missing 3 girls!)
I had to work today and I am so so so tired!!! I didn't sleep at all last night and then a 5 a.m. run before work will do anyone in! The kids are SUPER excited about going back to school tomorrow! I have got backpacks packed and snacks ready to go! Everyone is getting an early supper and bath and HOPEFULLY will be in bed early!!!
One can dream anyway! ;)

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