Friday, August 3, 2012

Daddy's Away ~ the mice will play!

We sent Dalton off today on his trip to Argentina! Jackson has NEVER cried for one of us...ever. Actually, he doesn't cry much at all imagine my shock when we took Dalton to meet up with his friends for their trip and Jackson was BROKEN HEARTED!!! He said, "I am supposed to dove hunt with Daddy!" I tried to explain to him that he was too little to hold the gun and he said, "I could at least pick the dead birds up for free!" Poor thing! He was upset for almost an hour about getting left! Dalton is enroute now and should be to his destination sometime tomorrow afternoon!

I took the kids to Augusta to pick up the pottery we painted last week ~ they turned out really cute!!! We went to Pet Smart where they BEGGED for a minature hamster...I did not say no but we also did not buy one! They really want we will see!  We made a quick trip to Target and to the mall to get Jax some new flipflops! We also went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days of Summer ~ it was precious!!! After the movie, we got a HUGE cookie cake slice! Yummy!!! We raced back to Wrens and they both were dead to the world! They were worn out!!! I quickly dressed and dropped them off at Suz's so I could get to open house! They opted not to go this year and it worked out great!

We have a busy weekend planned with lots of

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