Monday, December 10, 2012

Nutcracker ~

Yesterday, Mary Dalton an dI went to see The Nutcracker ~ Two of her dance friends were performing and one was actually Clara! We were super excited for them both...and Miss Priss was excited she got to dress up!
 Jackson opted not to go to the Nutcracker...imagine that! He actually is coming down with a horrible cough and runny nose so we were glad he stayed with Dalton! They went hunting and did our grocery shopping while we were gone...
 Love special time with my sweet girl!
 We rode with some friends which made it even more is about 90mins from our house, so we all enjoyed girl talk on the way!
 Marti Ann was there with her mom, too! What pretty girls!!! Gonna have to lock them up in a few years! ;)
 The ballet was AMAZING!!! Our girls from dance were nothing less than outstanding! EVERYTHING was perfect! MaryWill performed in it last year, but didn't do it this year...
by the end of the play the 3 of them wanted to try out next year! We are hoping we can get enough to carpool!
 After the play ~ we made a pit stop at Applebee's for a quick supper before heading home!
It was SUCH A fun day!!! 

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