Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yet ANOTHER Parade & Cake Ball WARS!!!

I am glad to report that we are DONE with parades for awhile! Today was the Louisville parade and Mary Dalton's dance group was in it ~ I tried to talk her out of going, but she REALLY wanted to throw candy and be with her friends....
 thankfully, we ran into one of jackson's classmates so he excited to have someone to watch the parade with!
 The boy is DIALED in on picking up candy...he never looks up...just runs and grabs!
 Mary Dalton spotted us and headed our way with a HUGE handful of gum for her little brother!
 After the parade, one of my best friends ~ who happens to be a former home ec teacher ~ and I decided to attempt to make cake balls....we started out pretty strong.
 Everything was SO pretty ~ sprinkles all seperated and organized, pecans chopped so perfectly...
 "Miss Hodge" started melting the bark...funny thing...she asked me for a "cooking spoon" ~ ha!! All I have is serving spoons, a couple of wooden ones that double as paddles, a whisk and a spactula! I bet I  know what she will be buying me for the next occasion! ;) She also started to ask for a double boiler, but KNEW better than to even think I had one of those...she made one with a metal bowl and pot....I do love her!
 While we were busy cooking, the girls took their dolls for a stroll around the block....
 These little ladies had some fun "toasting" with their sparkling grape juice...because they think EVERYDAY is a day to celebrate!
Jax was not much impressed....but then we started to do Brittish accents while we were dipping the cakeballs and the laughter was uncontrollable....and not only with the kids!
They lined up chairs in front of the island to watch us ~ they were pretending we were on a TV show! It was priceless! 
The kids took over the cameras and we kept on dipping....and dipping....and dippinng!!!!
(LOVE that cute camera girl!) 
It is REALLY a 2 person job...even Miss Home Ec herself agreed with me on that! ;)
And it is MESSY!!!
She is MUCH more talented at this than I am ~ 2 cake balls going at once....Gooooo Miss H! 
We used sticks in some and left others without ~ used sprinkles and pecans ~ if you dip the whole ball you need LOTS of bark and sprinkles ~ If I ever got brave enough to tackle this again....I would make the balls half the size I did and we would do 1 cake mix...I did red velvet and she did oreo ~ we had cake balls EVERYWHERE!
We had to take a break and make a run for more white chocolate bark! We refroze the cakeballs ~ it works best when they are COLD and the bark is SMOOTH ~ at one point there were chunks of red velvet floating around in our bark! ha! 
And just when we thought we were done....we remembered there were more in the fridge!!!! 
We were ALL getting a case of the giggles at this point! MORE CAKEBALLS!!!! NO!!!!!!

We FINALLY finished and tasted them...they were SO good, but SO rich!!! I can only eat half of one...and after making and tasting all day ~ I don't really want ANY at ALL! At least the kids have snack to take this week! :) 
It was a super fun day with some sweet friends! And I just BET we attempt this again...if it is next year! :) 

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