Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Christmas DREAM List ~

Every year I have fun making a DREAM List of things I would like to have or think it would be fun to have! Some of these things, I would NEVER buy, but sure would like to have!
First up ~
Garmin running watch ~
I mostly run on the treadmill because it is convenient with the kids, but I would LOVE to have one of these...they are about $100 and I don't run outside enough to justify buying one, but when the kids are older...this baby will be on my arm! ;)
2 ~ Saw this on Pintrest and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! How cute is that?
3. ~ I run in Brooks, but these Nikes are too cute! I would never buy them, but they sure would cute with jeans! 
4. LOVE the new infinity scarf! I like the black and white ~ would go with SO much!
5 ~ I WILL get to Bora Bora ONE DAY...and I may NEVER come back!!!
I would pack up and move here today! Can you even imagine staying in a bungalow above the water with a glass floor in your room? Own hot tub and splash pool, too? Me EITHER!?!?! But I would probably sell my right arm to try it! ha!
6. There are SO many cute ipad hard covers and I like so many of them...I can't decide which one I want, therefore I don't have one! Would love to have one though! 
7. We are in MAJOR need of a floor update around here! I would love for Santa to come in and replace our tacky tile and carpet with hard wood floors! We had just put down beautiful floors in our old house 6 months before we decided to move and I can honestly say that is the only thing I miss about our old house...and that it was tiny and easy to keep clean! ;) 
8. Our house has an old outdated intercom system ~ some speakers work...some are static filled...but they all look 1980....I think that it would super cool to have that updated, too! 
9. Michael Kors Purse ~ no explanation needed here! 

10. ~ I saved the BEST for last! When I got my Tiffany & Co catalog this baby caught my eye...
to the tune of $65,000!!!! HOLY SMOKE!!!! Even if I HAD 65,000...I don't think I could buy something that expensive, BUT ~ I am sure it would look AMAZING on my finger!!! :) 
While it is LOTS of fun to look, wish and dream ~ my TRUE Christmas wish is that my little family will continue to be blessed with good health and God will continue to bless and guide us!
Merry Christmas!!! 

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