Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's Beginning to Look at Lot Like Christmas!!!

Yesterday, Jackson's class went to the Christmas tree farm! He was super excited about taking his ipod and taking his own pictures and video! They have made some pretty cute ornaments, too! I LOVE my kids' ornaments!!! I wish they would make them EVERY year!
 Mary Dalton put this whole ensemble together all by herself...and she looked pretty darn cute! LOVE my "Girlie Girl!"
 At school today, we had the Extreme BMX Bike squad come for those who sold magazines in the magazine sale. Mary Dalton was LOVING this...which shocked me but girlfriend had a BALL cheering for them!
 I knew Jackson would love it ....and of course his comment was ~
"I can do that...." or "I am gonna try that today!" I am PRAYING the "Safety" talk the guys gave him will steer him away from any stunts he may want to try!!!
He also told me he and Taylor were on a date and that is why they weren't standing with their class! ha!
 And tonight ~
We were SUPER excited because SANTA himself came to TJA!!!!
I was not able to take pics, but I ordered several so I will post them when I get them!
Mary Dalton colored Santa a picture and gave him a candy cane...and an extra for Mrs Claus...
Jackson took a candy cane...he wrote a letter but decided not to give it to him...
Santa knew BOTH their names and remembered them from last year! Jackson went back after we were done and made sure his beard was real...and it was the REAL DEAL! They also enjoyed shopping in the Secret Santa Shop! It has been a great week and we are really enjoying all the festive activities and treats that come with the season! :) 

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