Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday "stuff" & Pintrest Success!!!

Mary Dalton had her monthly appotinment to get her braces tightened today! We were supposed to go Thursday, but a special date to see Santa came 1st so we had to leave school a little early but no one was complaining! ;) Her teeth look SO SO SO good! I am SO pleased with Dr Thielke and his work! They are thinking she will get they will remove 2 brackets in January and take the rest of them off in February or March!
 We ALWAYS go to Tutti Fruitti after the dentist! The kids LOVE to eat their yogurt and play on the ipads....especiallly Jackson! He is also VERY ready to get his braces and reminds us of that A LOT!

I don't think I have met ONE girl who does not LOVE LOVE LOVE Pinterest! Dalton thinks that it is the dumbest idea ever and doesn't see why I can't stop looking and pinning things! We recently saw a lady walking out of Lowe's with a HUGE piece of foam and I said I bet it was for a Pinterest project...he quickly reminded me of the time I spent a small fortune to "make my own pictures on canvas" ~ it did turn out pretty cute, but for a little more I could have had the "real deal!"
I have had LOTS of Pinterest failures and I LOVE the blogs that post diasters...that is SO me!
However, I have had made/done some things lately that have been fun/good so I thought I would share!
1.) Crockpot Honery Apple Pork Loin ~
 This was SOOOOO good! It was very easy and all 4 of us liked it! That makes it a winner in my book! I added a good bit more honey and cinnamon & sugar...because what isn't better with more sweet stuff???
I cut my apples kinda thin...nex time will add more apples and leave them in bigger pieces!
2.)  Instead of doing an advent calendar or something related to Santa, I bought some cheap ornaments at Target and wrote the names of Jesus on them. I did 25 and we will add one each day until Christmas. We talk about what the name means and where it is found/mentioned in the Bible. LOVE this!! I have the ornaments in a big bowl and the kids take turns picking one each day!
3.) I LOVE a cake mix cookie because they are ALMOST impossible to mess up! The kids and I made the Red Velvet ones this weekend ~ they are called Santa's Favorite Cookie ~ and they were delicous and EASY!!!
I also pinned class favors for the kids' classes that I hope we will have time to make!
I am in the process of either printing, cooking or deleting pins to make my boards more "effective and efficient!"  I have LOTS to try this month, so stay tuned for more successes and hopefully not failures! :)

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