Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tis the Season to be BUSY!!!

December 1st is here and our calendar is jam packed! The kids are SO SO SO excited about Christmas and I have some fun things planned to do with the kids so I am pretty excited too!
 On Friday, Jackson's class got a special gift all the way from the North Pole ~ it was even cold!!!
The got an elf!!! His name is Jingle Bell and he is going to be watching to be sure everyone is on their BEST behavior in 1st grade! Jackson came running into my classroom to tell me all about it and I had to walk down to 1st grade to see JB myself!
 Friday afternoon ~ Dalton came and got Jackson...they went for a "boy's night" at the farm! Jackson slept for 14 hours, so Dalton had it pretty easy to say the least! Mary Dalton stayed at Suz's house because I ran in a 10k this a.m and had to be there EARLY!!!
 The race was hilly, but fun! I have been having some knee issues and still dealing with issues from my ant-spray-dropping-on-my-toe injury from MAY!!! Anyway ~ I had to stop and retape my toe once and once again to tighten my brace, but I finished the 6.2 miles in 66 mins...pretty good time for me! I am not fast AT ALL!
 Mary Dalton spent the morning at The Orcahrds "working" at Christmas Open House! She had a great time!!!
 Mary Dalton's dance group preformed this week at Bustlin on Broad ~ Jackson was excited to see Will there! :) They did a great job and they are super excited about their upcoming dance Christmas party!
 Today was the Wrens Christmas parade ~ we meet Shana and her kids EVERY year for this!!!
Mallie has been out of school all week with the flu ~ Jackson was SO excited to see her!!!
 We meet at the Church of God ~ and something about this mosaic Jesus TRIPS me out!!!
Maybe because it is made out of old pool tiles? I don't know, but we take their pic by it every year!
 Sweet girls waiting for the parade to start!!!
 If you have never been to a SMALL town parade, you are MISSING out!!! It is a trip!!!
And no...mdd doesn't have on shoes....that's a whole other issue!
Fire trucks, people on horses, floats from churches, EMC trucks, police man, bands with dancing girls who move like they have extra vertebrae, several motorcycles, and my personal favorite this year....
 a broke down car on a trailer....

WHAT in the WORLD?!?!?
I was cracking up! Not sure if this bad boy broke down before the parade or if this was the plan all along ~ whatever was funny!!!
The kids had a blast and we came home and finished decorating the last tree! We are gonna spruce up the outside tomorrow and we will be DONE! I even got some gifts wrapped and under the tree!
Excited about celebrating Jesus' birth!!! 

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