Saturday, February 16, 2013

Showstoppers 2013 ~

This was our 1st of 3 dance competitions this year!
We left Friday ~ we got to miss school ~ so Mary Dalton was SUPER excited!
Some friends follwed us to ATL ~
That's one thing I LOVE about dance ~ Mary Dalton gets to meet other people than her school friends and be around a variety of ages/background/etc.
She and Lexi had the BEST time together! This was Lexi's 1st year to compete ~ she is 6 and too cute! :)

We got there early and had lunch then headed to the convention center! 
Thank HEAVENS our "Dance Moms" are all kind! We kinda all pool together and do whatever we can for whoever...I do NOT do eyelashes...or really eye make up or general so I have my "go to" girls for that! I glued Mary Dalton's eye shut once and after that I haven't done it! 

Mary D. LOVES her dance teachers ~ Miss Holli is in college and is so sweet! She is a BALL of energy and is ALWAYS so sweet to the girls!

Check out that handiwork stoning I did!!! 2 others had this same costume in pink and purple and they didn't even look the same! Mary Dalton was SO excited! She was the 1st dance of the competition on Friday! She went right out and had herself a ball! I was so proud of her! I think she did a GREAT job for her 1st solo competition! 

I love the time we have together ~ dance weekends are all about what SHE wants to do or feels like doing ~ We play everything by ear and just enjoy our time together! she is getting so grown up and I cherish this time we have together! 

LOVE this pic!!! I would KILL to know what they were talking about!!!These girls are a MESS! 
So ~ everyone wants to know how she did ~
She got 1st place Gold ~ 6th overall ~
I still have no clue what group she was in, who she was competing aganist, etc....nor do I care. Those age group/divisions are HARD to figure out! She was SO proud and had the BEST time so I am thrilled for her! 

The BEST part of comp is playing afterwards ~ or for MD anyway! The girls enjoyed the indoor pool! 

And even at the pool they were still dancing and stunting! 

We went and watched some friends compete this morning, then went and had room service for lunch ~ we took some time to regroup and I got Mary Dalton ready for the small group ~
"I Hate Boys" 
I PRAY they keep right on "hating boys" for a LONG time!
We've got some pretty girls if I do say so myself! 

Whitney Sue and Mary Dalton were NOT so much impressed with the pointe ballet ~ these girls of ours like ACTION! 

And no comp is complete without your standard $5 snowcone and blue teeth you get for free! :)
The small group won Platinum and got 4th overall ~ I think......
It was a great kick off to the dance season and we are already packed up for next weekend!

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