Thursday, February 14, 2013

The "B" Word ~

I am SO proud of making time to BLOG!I have been going 999 mph and don't know if I am going or coming! I keep thinking my parents will retire and move here soon....sure would be nice to call on my mama for some of these crafts/errands/snacks/etc! :)  Dalton said everytime he checks the blog all I say is we are I am NOT going to use the "B" word in this post! ;)
Instead ~ I will use the "S" word ~ STRESS!!!
This without a doubt has been the most stressful week I have had in awhile! Mary Dalton did not make her usual "A" on her math test...she didn't fail, but she did NOT do her best and I was NOT happy. I have always bragged how they handled their work...I had to step in and let me tell you...IT WAS NOT FUN!!! When you teach ALL day, the LAST thing you want to do is come home and teach your own child! I can teach anyone all day, but my own children.
Dont' know why...but it's a fact.
Because of the low grade, I had to haul out the "G" word ~ and a new one for her ~
No AG dolls, Ipods, Ipads, or TV until she took her next math test and made an A.
Maybe a little....but if I slack now, what will I do when she is 14? 16? 18? I see it everyday and will NOT tolerate a lazy child! She is capable and VERY bright (and I am not just saying this bc she is mine!).
We made flash cards, wrote on her chalk board, praticed timed tests all week.
I was OVER it and so was she...
but it WORKED!!!
Girlfriend made a 99 and 100 on her tests!!!
It was a VERY hard week and VERY stressful but I am SO proud of her for working hard!!!
All that "STRESS" did help me get my best time in my 3 mile run!
(and yes, I am sure yall can run a LOT faster, but under 29 mins is good for this 30....something!)

And it was the "V" word  ~
Valentine's Day!
I just don't get this holiday, but wanted to make it special....last minute because I was so busy overscheduled! I had no paper, so settled for paper plates ~ hung them while kids were sleeping and wrote things I loved about them!
HUGE hit!!!
They loved waking up to a surprise! 

Valentine's Day means the DREADED "T" word ~ TREAT BAGS!!!
I HATE a treat bag! I don't want that junk in my house!!! It's a WASTE of money! Jackson is "too cool" for printed cards and "cutesy" stuff, but I did this for Mary Dalton! Super cute and NOT candy! We have TONS of candy...and not the cheap stuff's gotta go! Too tempting! 

And with Valentines' comes the fun "P" word ~
I helped with Jackson's party ~ Kaden came with Shana ~ we just love them!
They had happy meals and played Bingo and HEART Potato!
It was fun but I am SO SO SO thankful I don't teach 1st grade! My high schoolers are A WALK IN THE PARK compared to all that noise, chaos, etc! Hats off to elementary teachers! :) 

And then I made a trip my second grade for some "H" ~ humor...
Gotta love second grade humor!
The girls STILL don't know that ALL 3 boys were giving them bunny ears! Can't wait to pull this one out at high school graduation! :) 
And the best part of the day  ~ ~ ~~
"C" ~ Candy Gram from my sweet Jackson!
It's kinda hard to read but it says
"I love you,  you are the best mama in the whole world. You are the nicest person in the world."
Nicest PERSON in the whole world! My high schoolers got a HUGE kick out of that! I think Jax was trying to "butter me up" after I rode Mary Dalton's butt all week about her grades! ;) 

And the kids favorite part of the day ~
"T" ~ treats from grandparents!
The got balloons, stuffed animals, and money!
They were super excited!
Dalton & I did them a little gift basket with a new cup, some candy and pencils!
They had a blast and have more candy than Willie Wonka himself! 
All this fun has come to an end and we are packed and headed to ATL tomorrow for Mary Dalton to complete in a dance competition. She will be doing her solo "9 to 5" and her small group "I Hate Boys" ~ she has never competed with a solo before but she seems REALLY excited! As strict as I am about grades, dance is for FUN! As long as she has fun, I'm happy! :)
The boys are staying back because there is another comp closer to home nexxt weekend and they will go to that one!
And FINALLY, we are in going to bed before 10:00 so this Mama is "H" "E" "T", etc....
Lots-a-dance to come!!!
Wish my girl luck!!!

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