Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's the MOST Wonderful Time of the Year ~ or at least it is to me! :)

I have ALWAYS loved Easter! It is hands down my favorite holliday!  I love EVERYTHING about it! The weather, clothes, dying eggs, egg hunts, the candy,etc. I love that it's "low key" ~ fun but no stress! And most importantly, I love WHY we celebrate! I am so thankful that we serve a RISEN Savior and He is coming back for us ~ hopefully sooner rather than later! :)
We have SO many reasons to celebrate!!!

And celebrate we have!
Both kids classes had egg hunts on Friday ~ I was able to sneak by each of them for a few minutes in between my classes! 
These girls LOVE to pose! They just can't seem to help themselves! :)

I was about to take Mary Dalton & Whitney Sue's pic but told them that after dance we were all going to eat at Dairy Queen and this was their response!
LOVE it!!!!
Because one day, going to DQ with your mama is NOT going to be cool! 

The girls have been working SO hard to ready for compeition!!! They have the BEST time! Every time I get tired or overwhelmed with all the costumes, practices, etc, Mary Dalton just BEAMS and SMILES about how much fun she has dancing with "her girls!" ~ and that makes it ALL worth while! 

saturday, the boys went hunting and Mary Dalton & I went to my eye appt (It's been THREE years since I have been! My eye sight has improved! He said that happens before you turn forty! WHAT?!?!?! Did he really just talk to me about the BIG 4-0?!??! I think he did! YIKES!!!)
After the appt, we had sushi and pedicures ~ perfect day! :)

Then these handsome men met us at Mellow Mushroom for supper ~ 

It was SO good! Hands down our favorite pizza!!! We could eat there everyday! 

The munchins were up before 7 to see what the Bunny left them!!!

I bought Jackson a new basket ~ monogram.
His old one was gingham and had his name. The boy HATES a monogram, so I found this one and thought it was cute and could be used for other things too!
They racked up ~ new goggles, movies, itunes card (jax), AG doll clothes (md), candy, flip flops, dive sticks and sining tooth brushes! I am VERY appreciative that they Bunny did not leave a bunch of candy and junk!!! Thanks EB!!!:) 
He even hid some eggs in the house for the kids to find!
Jackson was DIALED in on the hunt! 

We had a delicious breakfast made by Dalton and then headed to church ~ 

We went ALL out for lunch ~ cereal and frozen pizza! ;) Dalton is planning to grill for us later on today! We had our annual egg hunt planned, but rain was forecasted so we cancelled until this Saturday ~ I ought to be able to RACK up on some cheap candy! We are planning to dye eggs, watch new movies and enjoy some family time today! 
Happy Easter!!!!

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