Thursday, March 28, 2013


Mary Dalton has missed 3 days of school so far this week ~ we went back to the dr today, got an inhaler and I am PRAYING she sleeps tonight! She has been ILL and coughing til she can't cough anymore and refuses to have her pic taken....that's when you know she's sick!
So I only have some of Jackson today!
LOVE this picture!
He HATES I mean HATES getting stuck at dance with us! There is Wifi and that keeps him entertained a little, but the girls, giggling, squealing, etc is just too much for him! Wednesday ALL the girls were in the back and he curled up and took himself one fine nap on the couch! 

I am so thankful for this little man! He is getting SO big! He wears the same size show as Mary Dalton! Mary Dalton had an AWFUL night last night, so I stayed home today to take her to the Dr. (again!) ~ I got jax ready for school and sat with him while he ate his poptart ~ he told me I make the BEST poptarts! ;)
MDD was in a MOOD today and she said, "I can tell you now Mama, when you are old you are going straight to the nursing home!" Can you FEEL the love she has for the one who carried for 9 months, labored for 38 hours, pushed for 3 1/2 hours, has numerous stretch marks, permanent hemorrhoids, etc.etc. etc?!?! Jackson QUICKLY told her,
"That's fine Mary Dalton! I will take care of her." Ahhhhh!!!
SOMEONE loves me!
(and she does love me, too ~ she just has hormone issues already!)
Jackson sent me this text from his teacher's phone today ~ We have been reading Hatchet ~ it's more a middle school book, but I have helped him ~ he LOVED it and did GREAT on the test since it was hard for even some of my 5th graders when I taught reading! He is really trying to win the trophy for the most points! Mary Dalton told him, "Getting on top is one thing, but staying there takes work!"
(Thank you Abby Lee Miller!!!) 

Tonight at dance, Mary D. just had to watch ~ she was coughing too bad but she needed to practice, so she just are in on the class ~ Jackson was so sweet playing with Eli ~ he loves a baby!

While he was outside he came running in and told the moms that Abby Lee Miller (off of Dance Moms) was in Louisville! I have to admit, she DID look like her! I tried to get a pic! I showed Mary Dalton's dance girls and they were SO excited!!! ;) 
We have our annual Easter egg hunt this weekend and lots to do before then! I am praying the weather cooperates!!! It is really one of my favorite things we do each year and I would be so disappointed if we got rained out!

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