Monday, March 25, 2013

Dollar Store Deals, Reading & 100 Watt Light Bulb Cakes ~

I LOVE a good dollar store ~ Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Fred's, etc ~ I am ALL over it!
We have Maxway here and I have actually gotten some REALLY cute clothes there ~ I am talking New York & Co dresses, Ann Taylor sweaters, Anne Klein sweaters, GAP jeans ~ all for less than $10!
Fred's is not your "average" dollar store, it's a little more pricey, but every now and then you can find just the right piece for somewhere in your house! I stumbled across this precious lamp for $9 there today! Our den in SO dark, so I have the grey/blue to lighten things up!
And I LOVE chevron, so this was a way to sneak some in! :)

I made Jackson clean out his folder and he has racked UP on some homework passes!!! He has 106 AR points! The verdict is still out if he will have the most, he is awfully cocky about winning....we will see! 
Big Daddy gave the kids $10 each for all A report cards ~ they both bought Easy Bake cake mixes. I think Jackson just could not stand the fact that Mary Dalton wasn't going to share her delicious $6 2 bite cake cooked under a faulous 100 watt light bulb, so he bought his own mix! I let him make his today ~ He's saving it for dessert....hate there's not enough to share! ;) 

Mary D. is sick! I took her to the Dr today and she has strep! She has had an AWFUL year this year with sickness! I am SO over it!!! I am ready for 100 degrees, chlorine and banana boat!!! We got some meds and I am praying she can go back on Wednesday! Sallie Ann was able to keep her for me this morning so I only missed one class!  I am OUT of days and know of at least 3 more I will have to be off for sure!

Summer can't get here quickly enough for us!!!

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