Sunday, March 24, 2013

St. Patricks Day at Shellman Bluff!!!

We were SO excited for our weekend getaway!
We packed our stuff and were ready to leave as soon as school got out on Friday! 
I used to HATE going anywhere because I literally had to pack the ENTIRE house to go 5 miles down the road. I still travel with a small pharmacy, but the kids can pack themselves now...I just check behind! It's so nice! Unpacking, now we gotta work on that one! 

We were excited to see Dalton's sister, Sue-anna and the kids gave her a precious smocked bubble for Susan-Laine! We got to feel her move and can't wait to have a baby to play with! (especially one that we can spoil ROTTEN and then send home! )

We had a great time, but the weather was AWFUL!!! It stormed and was cold all weekend! We didn't get to start on our summer tans as I had hoped, but hopefully we will be back down soon! 
Dalton's parents had a cocktail party Friday night ~
Mary Dalton wanted to know why all Suz's friends had white hair and bad shoes! (Sorry if you are one of her friends and reading this, but if this bothers you....Mary Dalton was probably referring to you and you should get some new shoes!) JUST kidding!!! :)

Before the rain set in, I was able to run ~ It was the BEST run in a LONG time! Nothing like running with the smell of salt water and the breeze from the coast! 

Mary Dalton worked on her hoolahoop skills and Jackson searched for crabs...he finally found a few! 
Amos and Sue-anna's friends from FL were there ~ They have a PRECIOUS little girl named Rebecca, but they call her Birdie ~ My two were in HEAVEN! They had the BEST time playing with her!!! And I have to say, they will make excellend babysitters/entertainers for their new cousin! 

Of course the rain started RIGHT at parade time!!! 

It POURED!!!! We were under a huge umbrella, MDD got smart and got under the carport, but I braved it out with Jackson under the umbrella ~ all in the name of some cheap beads, waterlogged tootsie rolls and a purple lei ~ 

I have blogged about small town parades before but this is TRULY an experience!!! No need to travel to Bourbon Street, you can see it all here! 
After the parade, the kids and I went back to the house and cooked a frozen pizza ~ We were in PJs and bed by 8:30! We were worn out!
We headed home today ~ Mary Dalton wasn't feeling too well ~
The kids have ITBS testing this week at school, so that means NO HOMEWORK!!! And that is the best news I have had in a LONG time!!! :)
Enjoy your week!  

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