Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More From Our Weekend & Week So Far ~

I had a few pics left that wouldn't upload that I wanted to post!
This week has been a doozy to say the least! We had TERRIBLE weather Monday night! Some friends were without power for almost 48 hours!
Thankfully no one was hurt! 

I also realized I have NO pics of EMILY!!!!
I promise she was here!!! Get ready Em! Next time we are together I will take LOTS of pics! 

We have SO enjoyed the warm weather, but it is on its way out again!!! Today is the 1st day of spring and the warm weather is good!!! 

Mary Dalton has been busy with dance and Jackson has been with his Daddy at the farm getting ready for turkey season. They both are praciticing for the ITBS at school.  I LOVE a standardized test and I think MD might, too! Just the thought of a clean booklet, answer sheets and pencils gets me ALL sorts of EXCITED! Teacher Nerd Alert! :)

Jackson is still reading a good bit ~ he and one classmate are neck-and-neck on the AR points and he REALLY wants to win! I am trying to encourage him, but also teach him that getting to the top is the easy part, but STAYING there takes work! One of life's should be interesting! 

While my family was here, Mary Dalton wanted us to play pageant ~
Check out that FIRST PLACE trophy I won!!! ha!!! I am certain it was my hiphop routine to "Super Bass" that sealed the deal for me! ;) 

During the storm Monday night, the power was out, so we had a camp out in my room ~ one draw back to a 2 story house is when there is bad weather, I want everyone on the 1st floor! The kids had a blast and even found some snacks to enjoy in the dark! 
Some of my sweet co-workers brought us dinner Monday night. They wanted to do something for us when Dalton's grandfather passed away and this was the first time we were going to be home and could work it out! It was SOOOO good!! I just don't understand why food is so much better when someone else cooks it???
This cake is gonna be the DEATH of me!
I had a TINY piece and just a bite or two a day ~ I have to admit I would like to sit and eat the whole thing until I was sick. Just once. And then maybe I would not be so tempted by it! Every time I pass it and I say "Get behind me Satan!" So dang tempting!!! 

Happy Wednesday!

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