Monday, March 18, 2013

Family Fun!!!

We had the BEST time with my family in town!
They got here late Friday night, but Saturday morning we were up and at them early! We had shopping to do! Emily was in need of a prom dress and we got a BEAUTIFUL one for her! She looked like a super modle in it! 

Mary Dalton of course LOVES to shop so this day was full of fun for my girl! 

While we shopped, the boys went to the farm and went "exploring" ~ Zachary is 14, but is SO sweet to Jackson and kept him entertained all weekend! They were in the woods and found a waterfall! Jackson was so excited! I know this summer he will be ALL in this! He was pretty wet/nasty/muddy just from "looking" at it! 

They rode the golf cart, played on hay bales, and of course tried to catch a few fish! 

After our busy day of shopping, we headed to the farm for "Chef Dowdy" to prepare a gourmet meal for us! We SO enjoyed the warm weather! We all had a magazine or book and were soaking up the rays! :)

Jackson had himself a good time playing on his daddy's tractor! 

Dalton did NOT disappoint with this meal!!! He cooked the BEST friend shrimp EVER!!!
I can feel my thighs growing just thinking about it! I mean restaraunt quality good!!! 

Sunday morning, my mama made suckers with the kids...she left the stuff for me....
I am going to ATTEMPT to make them on spring break! 
Mary Dalton had dance, so we went shopping some more, spent a little time at the farm and played at the tree house! It is ALWAYS so much fun with my family comes! The kids did great (praise the Lord!) when they left this morning ~ there have been times where the tears lasted for DAYS so I am ALWAYS relieved when the "goodbye" goes down with success!!!
We have a pretty "calm" week ~ if there is such a thing! The kids and I are going on a get-away this weekend and are super excited about that!
**More pics to come! My iphone was not uploading well for some reason! ):

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