Friday, March 15, 2013


Our family from MS and AL should be here ANY minute! The kids are trying so hard to wait up to see them! I know that they will get their 2nd wind as soon as the alarm on the door beeps! :) 

Mary Dalton lucked up and Marti Ann got to come play on Thursday! She is so sweet and they let Jackson play, too! they stayed at the tree house all afternoon! 

Tonight we went to the huddle house and Jax demonstrated how eats his waffle when I am not around! Like a pizza ~ he was a MESS when he was done, but he sure enjoyed it! One of the simple pleasures ~ whip cream and LOTS of syrup!!! 

I know...our kids have talent!!! ha!!!

We are SUPER excited about family being in town and warm weather this weekend!!! I am sure I will have LOTS to post on Monday! Until then, we are going to soak up EVERY minute of fun that we can!!!

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