Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What We Are LoViNg ~ ~ ~ ~

Lots of things going on this week! Just a few of our favorites!
1.) Skinny Girl Margarita Cake ~ Words can't tell you how good this was! I had one tiny piece and took the rest to work! It was that good! I knew if it was in my house...I would feel obligated to eat it! I am in LOVE with Mix Match Mama's food blog! This was her recipe! I have had nothing on her site that was not easy and soooo yummy! 

2.) I LOVE these sweet girls!!! This is me (and MD!) with my senior girls. They came over to watch the finale of The Bachelor and then spent the night. I have taught them since they were in 5th grade and have truly watched them grow up! I love them each so much and can't wait to see what God has in store for them! 

3.) Sweet Babies!!! A co-worker had a baby and the sitter brings him to school at the end of the day...the teachers pretty much fight over this chubby cheek baby...and so does Mary Dalton! He is the sweetest baby and just smiles and "talks!" We love him! Mary Dalton asks like he is her doll...she hauls him all over!

4.) Be Still My Heart!!!
How PRECIOUS is that?!?!
The baby doesn't give me ANY type of fever, but this precious 4 legged baby?~~?~?!?!!?
Sends my heart into over time!

Mr. Steve's dog had puppies yesterday ~ 9 of them! ~ and we went to see them today!
Good thing he lives at the farm so we can see them often!
Mary Dalton, Jackson and I were ALL in LOVE with them!
I am sure more pics are to come of these babies!
Well, it will be in 1 hour and 20 mins! We have NO plans after school tomorrow and I am excited about coming home and getting ready for our family coming in town this weekend!!!
So many wonderful simple things to be so thankful for!

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