Monday, March 11, 2013

More From the Weekend ~

I said I had a LOT of pics ~ I wasn't joking!!!
They also had cloggers at the festival ~
These ladies were WoRkInG it ~ or at least they were trying!
Mary Dalton was dying to get up there and show them how it was done! ;)

Now ~ Mary D's monkey pics....
1st shot...Wilson is checking out the bow....

Wilson realizes he REALLY likes the bow and is pulling my tender headed girl's hair...
she's still trying to smile!!! 

She was OVER this monkey by this point! A $5 headache is what she got!!!
She didn't cry, but I know she wanted to!!!

Wilson threw the bow down and was checking out her shirt...
Yep! Pretty sure she will NOT be a vet! She was NOT impressed! 

As much as I LOVED that extra hour of daylight, I had a TIME getting up this morning!!!!
We are SUPER excited we are going to have some family in to see us this weekend!!! 

The weather is supposed to be great and I see LOTS of outside time in our near future!! 
Happy Monday!

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