Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rattlesnake RoundUp & Farming at Its BEST!!!

This was HANDS DOWN the best weekend we have had in a LONG LONG time. Seriously, I can't even remember having more fun than we did!!! The weather was perfect, everyone was well, we got an extra hour of sunlight...IT WAS WONDERFUL!
Our fun started Friday night ~ Dalton & I had dinner at Calvert's  ~ left the kids with a sitter.
I LOVE our date nights and time we have alone! I think that that is SO important and we always do our best to MAKE it happen!
Saturday morning, the kids always come in our bed...
This is another one of my favorite things! It doesn't happen always, because of commitments, but this past Saturday we giggled and the boys rough housed before getting up!
It was priceless.

We both had been wanting to take the kids to the "Rattlesnake RoundUp" for the past few years...
we had no plans Saturday and so we drove about 90 miles to attend. Jackson Dowdy had himself a FINE time!!! He held every non-venomous snake that was there! He now wants a pet snake! Mary Dalton even got brave and touched it...never held it but did touch! 
they had TONS of wild life ~ and yall know this boy LOVES him some animals!!!
quail, turkeys, turtles, frogs, name it...they pretty much had it! 

We let them choose an activity and they both chose the moon bounce!
They had done it before and wanted to try again...they wanted to successfully FLIP! 

And were they EVER successful!
They flipped...and flipped....

and went HIGH!!!!
They had a blast! 

they had a free petting zoo!
Jackson LOVED the camels...
Mary D. did not care for the smell! 
And for a whopping $5 you could get your picture made with Wilson the monkey! I have to say I even wanted mine done!!! It was kinda freaky though! That little man had a mind of his own! I have some funny pics that I will post later of the monkey! I have SO many!!! 

Wilson had a FIELD DAY with Mary Dalton's bow!!!
She was not so sure about him but I give her kudos for playing along! 

And what small town festival is complete unless you have funnel cake? And boiled peanuts? And friend okra? And BBQ ~ all from a trailer?!?!
The food was SO good!!! I am still mad we never went back and got deep fried OREOS and peanut butter cups! 
There was a vendor there selling swings ~ we have been wanting to get the kids's swings for the cabin for awhile so when we saw these we jumped on it!
Jackson's has a deer painted on it and Mary Dalton's has a butterfly!
Their sweet Daddy hung them as soon as we got home and they have already got our moneys worth!
They LOVE them!!! 

And my favorite part of the weekend....
Dalton outdid himself this weekend...we had homemade deer bacon cheeseburgers, homemade fried mushroom, sweet potato fries, and sausage!
It was DELICIOUS! His parents came out and ate with us!
It was a wonderful night! 

We left the boys at the cabin and Mary Dalton & I came home...
We had "girls night" ~ bubble bath and pedicures. She got to sleep with me and she was just a doll!
This morning she was eating breakfast and "shopping" in a catalog...she loves to mark everything that she wants...too bad she wants a LOT!!!! 

She's getting SO grown up!!! This was this morning before church ~ she looks so "growny!" 

after church, Dalton went to work for awhile and I ran 7 miles...I am trying to train for a half again! Last time I was SOOOO close (up to 10 miles) and my knee issue started. I am praying I can make it this time! After I ran, Mary Dalton wanted to run a mile ~ 3 loops around the block. I ran with her and I have to say she was a TROOPER!!! I kept telling her she doesn't have to be fast, just  DONT STOP!!! There is a 5k at Castaway Cay ~ I hope she's old enough to run it with me! That would be a blast and something we'd both remember!
After running, we took advantage of the extra day light and went back to the farm to ride the 4wheelers ~ we packed a picnic supper and stayed until we were so worn out we could barely stay awake to get home! I loved having time to really WATCH the kids play ~ listen to them laugh, fuss with each other, add "commentary" so everything going on around us. I LOVE this picture of Jackson and the one below ~ looks like Jesus was "smiling down" on our time! :)
I am SO thankful for my little family and truly want to treasure our times together! 

As much as I LOVE a schedule/routine ~ weekends like this do me good.
No plans. No commitments. 

No stress. Just the 3 most important people in the world to me and making memories that I will never forget. 

And having LOTS of fun and laughing like we were crazy!!! 
Hand down best weekend in a long time....
maybe even EVER!

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