Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DTI Savannah ~

We had a GREAT time in Savannah this past weekend! We are still playing "catch up" ~ on laundry, unpacking, and SLEEP!!!
We went on Friday and had the whole day to "play" ~ we met up with some dance friends and walked around on River Street. Mary Dalton & I had a wonderful lunch at Boar's Head! It was such a great time to sit and listen without ANY interruptions to what was going on in 2nd grade! :)
Friday night, we had a GREAT dinner at Sam Snead's ~ it was kinda pricey but DELICIOUS!!!
We enjoyed eating with Clairissa and her girls!
The BEST part of dance comps is eating out and hanging out with all of our sweet friends! 

And Mary Dalton would say the BEST part is SWIMMING!!! They had the BEST time in the hot tub! We walked out and the girls were in there alone ~ you were supposed to be 12 to be alone  ~
Mary Dalton said, "Whooty, if someone comes in here, tell them I am 12 and you are 10. I have bra pads in my bikini so I will be 12!" And I SO wish she was kidding, but obvisouly a 10 bikini now comes with BRA pads...and she LOVES them! The child has wanted boobs since she was 2! crazy nut!
She performed her solo on Saturday afternoon ~ she competed Level II ~ usually she is Level I. She did a GREAT job and most importatntly she had FUN!!!

We had two more dances on saturday ~ by the time we were done with awards it was LATE!!! But not too late for ANOTHER swim! 

Sunday was small group time! The girls did their new dance to Sea Cruise ~ IT WAS PRECIOUS! 
Their Jazz routine was great too!!! 

They won FIRST and SECOND and their teacher promised them a trip to eat pizza...and to them that it better than ANY trophy!

When we left, this girl was TIRED!!! I LOVE this picture of my little "doll" ~ 

It was a long, but super fun weekend!

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