Friday, April 12, 2013

What a GREAT Spring Break!!!

I could not have had a better spring break!
The weather was perfect!!!

We had time to go to the park ~ 
Play with toys we "saved" from birthdays/Christmas! 

And I think their FaVoRiTe thing this week was a trip to
Adventure Crossing!!!

We got there as soon as they opened so we had the whole park to ourselves for a good 30-40 mins!
The Sims' family met us to play! 
We had a great time but are SUPER excited about our Disney Cruise with them coming up SOON!!

The kids had to be 16 to drive a go cart ~ CRAZY!!!
I didn't mind practicing my racing skills! I have perfected this art trying to get to work on time!
(just kidding D!)

After A.C. ~ Jackson stayed with the Sims and went to Artsy Me and to get yogurt ~
Mary Dalton & I made a quick stop for yogurt before she had to be at dance! 

While she was dancing, I went to straighten the cabin so we could stay the  night....and of course cook out! 

Mr. Steve brought his puppies for us to play with!
They were SO cute!!!
We met some friends for pizza last night and then saw a movie!

It was a super fun week!!!!
We came home and packed our bags!!!
Mary Dalton and I are headed to SAV for dance competition today!
Say a prayer for us both! ;)

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