Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break ~ Fun Day at Home!

Spring Break got off to a great start today! I made the bed, unloaded the dishwasher and ran before the kids got home from Suz's house!
We set up the snow cone maker and supplies for the week ~
Jackson has eaten his weight in snowcones!

We spent the morning outside planting some flowers, herbs and even some lettuce ~ I hope they all survive!

The kids made cookies ~ they were REALLY good!!! They were Key Lime and in a box ~ add 1 egg and a stick of butter! We added key lime icing and some sprinkles then delivered some to Dalton and his office! 

We had a close call with the mixer! Obviously you don't mix cookie dough with a mixer?!?!
I smelled something burning (that would be the motor of the mixer) and Mary Dalton said,
"Ummm...I need a little help over here!"

Mary Dalton had dance and Jackson played with Blake while I helped finish up a dance prop!
They had the BEST time  ~ they were trying to kill bees with a stick....
probably not the BEST idea, but they were out of our way!

We got to see the girls' dance tonight ~
It is PRECIOUS!!! By far I think it the cutest dance that they have ever done!
AND ~ thanks to the talented moms....they have a cruise ship to dance on! :) 

After dance, we met Dalton ate fried fish.
It was SO good!!!

We have NOTHING planned for tomorrow, so I hope we can spend some time playing outside and enjoy the great weather!

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