Sunday, April 7, 2013

He's Changing His Religion

At church today, Jackson's teacher was out ~ he had to go in a class with 4th-6th grade boys. That is a HUGE age difference. When I went to pick him up, I wasn't sure where he was...Miss Priss barged right into his class (our class got out a little early) and got him. When he walked out I could tell he was LESS than amused. He said,
"THAT was horrible! When I get to that class, I am changing my religion!"
There were several people around and I wanted to DIE!
He told me later that the big kids made fun of him because he didn't know some of the words and the teacher "MADE me a do a word search, and I HATE word searches!"
And let me say that if Mother Bear could get her hands on the child/children that made fun of him I would probably spend some time in the "pen!" Just Joking....sort of.....

When we got home from church we were locked out of the house!!! I tried for awhile to get in a window to avoid driving to the farm to get a key ~ Mary Dalton said,
"Mama you are the worst robber I've ever seen!"
**And Miss Priss rocked these shades DURING SS ~ not a battle I was fighting...she has a hair bow, so the outfit/accessories are in her court! ;) 

After church I cleaned out the garage and started some yard work.
I thought it would be good for Jax to learn to clean the pool filters ~ He said,
"Mama, there is something white in it...a ball."
I told him it was probably the chlorine and just to dump the basket and put the chlorine back in.
He said,
"It's not chlorine! It's Jesus's head! Jesus got sunk up in the skimmer!"
Strange though ~ neither of them could tell me
1.) HOW Jesus lost his head?
2.) WHY Jesus head would have been put in the skimmer?
(it's concrete! ~ doesn't float kiddos!)
I have a feeling Jax took his head off with that new 22! 
Mary Dalton decided to work on her tan!
She is getting SO growny!!!

Both kids stayed at Dalton's parents' house with Aunt Sue-anna tonight!
I am RARELY all alone ~ Dalton's turkey hunting...and I thought about going to subway and renting a movie...taking a bubble bath, reading...etc.
But instead I decided to start some of my "projects" for the week so I would have more time to play and enjoy the week with the kiddos!
After organizing my drawers/closet for the 999th time since January, I restocked and organized Mary D's dance costumes/travel bag!
We are headed to competiotion this weekend ~
It's in Savannah and that is by far my favorite city in GA!
I can't wait!!!

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