Saturday, April 6, 2013

Our LATE Easter Egg Hunt!!!

We had our annual egg hunt scheduled for last Sunday ~ rain was forcasted and of course it turned out sunny! Anywhooo ~ we did it today and we did not have a huge crowd, but the day was PERFECT!!!
The girlies wanted curlies! :) 

We got to the farm at 9:30 and the inflatables were there ~ the kids started jumping and jumped til 6:15!!! It started out a little cool but baby it HEATED up! I was in HEAVEN!!! 

We were excited Catherine got to join us this year! She is PRECIOUS! I taught her big brothers ~ one is in college and one is a senior this year. She has the BEST personality and my kids really enjoyed playing with her! 

Our egg huntin' crew!
(We missed the Sims! They have never missed, but Kaden woke up sick! Luckily, Shana brought the girls after lunch so they got to play!)

Jackson was hunting the PRIZE egg ~ he was OVER candy! He was after MONEY!!!
Mary Dalton & Marti Ann were up til 11:30 last night and up at 6:20 ~ TAPPING!!!!
They were TIRED but were troopers today!
Sidenote ~ I cannot WAIT for the day when these girls think that they are going to sleep in til 10, 11 o'clock....I am gonna BLARE some Michael Bolton, or better yet The Gaithers as LOUD as I can! Already planning pay back! 

Egg Hunt SUCCESS!!! 

The Sims got to the farm around 2:30 and stayed the afternoon. They had the best time and get along so well! We are planning on doing something fun with them later this week! 
I don't know how many more years the kids will WANT to hunt eggs....I hope lots! I have already thought of how to "drag out" egg hunting years! Thought of ways to make it harder/more fun/different!
It was a wonderful day and spring is OFFICIALLY here!

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