Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break AT LAST!!!!

I didn't think this day would EVER get here!!! Our spring break follows the Masters schedule and because next week is the first full week of April ~ we are having a SUPER late break this year! On a good note, the weather looks AMAZING!!! I might even see SWIMMIMG in our future this week!
This week we had our spring book fair and "Grand" day ~ Big Daddy brought the kids lunch and took them shopping at the book fair. Big and Suz are ALWAYS so sweet to ask if any child doesn't have someone there to shop with. They step in and help out Mary Dalton & Jackson's classmates that may not have anyone there that day! I know our friends are very thankful for that! Thanks Big & Suz! :)
Mary Dalton is gearing up for her LAST dance competition until nationals! They have 3 more practices! Marti Ann stayed with us so she wouldn't miss! They wanted curly hair ~ I really didn't realize how long it takes to roll TWO heads of hair! Glad I have one girl! ;)
Field day was today and some random alien invaded my body and caused me to VOLUNTEER to head up field day. OK ~ I do NOT do sports so WHY I did this who knows, but we had a GREAT time! The kids thanked me for a fun day, so I think that they had a good time too! We played what I like to call "old school relays" ~ you 10 crackers and whistle, pass the orange with your neck, "eat it" ~ have to eat all sorts of gross/random foods out of a bag, dodgeball, hoola hoop contest, over under ~ things that require NO SKILL.
Anyway, I survived.
Best part of the day was that they all brought snacks...made by their sweet mothers....
and I managed to consume an entire weeks worth of calories in about a 10 minute time frame!
And I HAD to post this so I don't forget this ~
I am pretty sure the AG company would NOT be so impressed with Kit sporting a diamond belly button ring! What the heck?!?! And Mary Dalton was SO proud she thought of this idea! I have turned her off of tattoos TOTALLY but I gotta work on the belly button ring....
my saving grace is that she is TERRIFFIED of needles, so MAYBE just MAYBE she will outgrow this phase, too! ;)
And my FAVORITE picture of the week ~ Mary Dalton reading devotion to Jackson before they went to bed....and he slept with her for some reason. They have never slept together, but every blue moon they decide to...and I HAVE to go in and look at them....
so precious.
My 2 babies.
LOVE it.
We don't have any "set" plans this week other than 2 dance practices ~ and they aren't even long ones! I hope to get our yard done ~ it is plain embarassing it looks so bad!
I also hope to try to squeeze in some special treats for the kids too!

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