Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jackson's Field Trip to GSU!

I have been SO excited about Jackson getting to go to GSU today!
When we went last year with Mary Dalton's class, I knew he would love all of the animals!
He has not felt 100% this week, but he did have a good time! 

He LOVES a snake!!! He was super impressed with the constrictor!
(not too sure what is going on with helper girl's face.....)
Jackson's class is TINY compared to Mary Dalton's ~ he just has 12 and next year will be losing one!
They were super cute today but I am VERY thankful for my high school students!!!
1st graders are a LOT of work!!!

After the class time, the kids got to do a walking tour and see lots of different birds ~

The eagle's nest is pretty impressive!!! 

He said his favorite part of the day was doing the scavenger hunt! They gave them each a sheet of animals and they had to find each one in a room/mural. That's a rattle snake in that box!!!! 
Miss Jillian has been a fun teacher this year! Oh to be young and full of energy again!!!! 

There was an area where the kids could hold turtles and actually get in the "pen" with them.
Jackson was ALL OVER this!!!! 

We watched the "flight show" ~ different birds fly/swoop over your head and then headed to Chic-Fila before we headed home!
It was a super fun to spend the day with Jackson and have some one on one time with him!

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