Sunday, April 21, 2013

MIA ~ and it has been GREAT!

I accidently left my phone charger in Savannah last weekend...I have borrowed students' chargers this week, but this weekend I have been WITHOUT a phone! Hard to believe anyone in this day and time would do somewhere without a phone. It went dead Saturday morning and I JUST got it charged and back on...
and you know what...
The world didn't collapse.
Several times I wanted to call someone (we cut off our home phone) but I emailed instead.
I had a WHOLE day at home (or half a day, MDD had a dance performance Sat a.m.).
I was able to get lots done and enjoy the kids and Dalton.
I am thinking I may have "cut off" days where I don't use any phone, texting, computers, etc.
It was quiet to say the least...but it was great! 

Jackson was WORN OUT and has slept til 9 both days! We went to Sunday School and church and then had lunch at the Huddle House...or they did while I drank a diet coke.
After I ran 3 miles this morning, I was NOT about to blow it on HH artery clogging food!
After lunch, MD and I bought groceries while the boys came home.
We all piled up in the study and watched Duck Dynasty.
Super relaxing quiet day....

And just what we ALL needed because this week is going to be CRAZY!!!!
We actually have more commitments that we can even keep for the next 5-6 weeks! I got my church calendar today for the summer and compared it to my calendar....
Let's just say I have got to so some SERIOUS swapping with someone! Our summer calendar is already as full as our May calendar!!!
Jackson's teacher has planned some Earth Day activites for them tomorrow and he is SO excited! He also has a field trip this week as well as Honor's Day at school! Mary Dalton has dance everyday but Monday, a performance Thursday night, Honor's Day and recital Saturday and Sunday! I am SO thankful we had today to be at home and "rest" up for our busy week!!!

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