Friday, May 10, 2013

Scooting, Running, Swimming and Winning...

The weather has warmed up and that makes this southern girl HAPPY!!!
We have spent LOTS of time outside this week!
The kids LOVE their scooters! They have ridden/scooted them 5000 miles!
I have loved having somewhat of a "low key" week....if such a thing exists....Earlier this week I sat on the deck and just watched them play...
Our school has elementary track meets ~ just one a year...
they have been training at school and Mary Dalton was super excited about it! You know chick-a-dee would be rocking that hair bow, sunglasses, pandora bracelet, and have some cute ties for her shirt...
who cares if you win? Ultimate goal is LOOKING GOOD! ;)
She participated in the long jump...she did no such thing...
this baby did herself a leap....a ballet leap at that...
she didn't win but she was graceful! ;)
She was a great sport about it! I LOVE her!!! She cracks me up!
Truth be told, she was more interested in laying on the blanket, having snacks, socializing and of course checking out the concession stand!
HOWEVER ~ these 4 cuties came in second in their relay race! She had to run 400 meters, which is half way around the track...and it was HOT! She did a great job and I am just proud she didn't quit! We may not win (EVER!) but we DO NOT quit!!!
Marti Ann came home with us and we stopped at Hoagie Joe's for a celebration lunch in the A.C!
It was HOT yesterday and we decided it would be the PERFECT day for the first swim!!!
They lasted about 20 mins and were freezing, but at least I can see summer in sight!!!
(This got out of order, but I love it!)
Goooooo MDD!
While we were at the track meet, Jackson went with his first grade class to Augusta to the Augusta Canal and to eat pizza. I have NEVER sent them on a field trip without one of us....but we had NO choice this time. I tried to talk him into going with us, but he REALLY wanted to go....growing up!!!
I got lots of text updates and he had the BEST time!!!
They played in arcade and Jackson won the JACKPOT!!! He got 500 tickets!!! I so wish I could have seen his little face when he won, but I SO appreciate the pics my friends texted me!

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