Thursday, May 9, 2013

Quick Trip, but LOTS-a-Fun!!!

We left Friday as soon as school got out and headed to the was raining, but it did not stop Jackson from capturing lots of crabs!
The kids LOVE to take a bath in Suz's big tub with lights and a bubble maker! Heck....there Mama does too! ;)
Saturday, we celebrated with Sue-anna at her baby shower!
We can't wait for Susan-Laine to get here!!! And doesn't she look AMAZING!?!?! Oh to be tall and pregnant! (Not that I want to be pregnant AT ALL ~ I would be admitted to an insane asylum, but I am short and pregnant and short is not "pretty" you are just fat.)
Dalton's cousin's wife had her new baby there! Mary Dalton & I literally fought over the poor child! I LOOOVVVEEE a newborn!!! If I could keep the baby a newborn...and didn't have to be pregnant, lose weight AGAIN, add to my stretch mark collection.....I would TOTALLY have a newborn ALL the time! There is NOTHING sweeter in the whole wide world than a tiny baby...when they are mobile they become too much work. I just want a baby to hold, feed and rock. Is that too much to ask? I am going to SPOIL our baby niece when she gets here! I can't wait!!!
Dalton did not go with us, but the weather was awful for turkey hunting so he decided to join us! We were so glad he came! The older I get the more I like all my "chicks" to be under one roof....doesn't matter where, I just want/like the 4 of us together. The world just works when we are all together.
While the girls were at the shower, Amos was so kind to take Jackson to Sunbury to his parents' restaurant. He ate like a king!!! I was BEYOND jealous when Amos texted this picture to me!
Amos even made him a milk shake and Jackson said it was the BEST one he has EVER had!!! It does look REALLY good!
Amos and his family are VERY musical ~ his Dad has a band and they let Jackson play the drums! Guess what he wants now?!?! A drum set! Fabulous!
He obviously had a GREAT time....
Mary Dalton was KILLING me! Her she is pretending she is pregnant and even has a tattoo her Daddy drew on her arm. I swear we act like white trash with college degrees! What in the world?!?!I guess I was too tired to fight this battle...she even went to supper like this...minus the pregnany belly 
Sunday morning, we headed to St Simons ~ Southern Soul BBQ is the BEST BBQ you will EVER eat! It was FREEZING but we sure did enjoy our lunch!
Seems to be a theme with us...
lots of eating!
Can't even tell yall how much I love these three....
Dalton was obviously in a BBQ enduced coma and agreed to take us to the beach...just to look....
I could live here. I LOVE the beach!!!
We were ALL worn out and went back to the coast and took a 2 hour nap!!!
We stopped in Statesboro ~ for what else?!?!? ~ Supper!!!
Mellow Mushroom! :)
It was a quick trip and we didn't make it home until about 10 Sunday night, but we sure did have fun! We are busy now planning our next adventure coming up....and let me say...

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