Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Show Us Those PEARLY WHITES Mary D!!!!

We got a BIG surprise at Mary Dalton's ortho apt this morning!!! She went back and came out with NO braces!!!
This was last July before her braces...her mouth was a HOT MESS to say the least!
 After her braces...and I must say she did AWESOME with them!!! She never complained and for the most part did exactly as the Dr told her!
 And boy did it pay off!
They have some tiny spaces but when she loses her other teeth they should fill in ~ She may have to have a retainer or another set when she is around 12, but until then, they are STRAIGHT and so pretty!!! And it makes her look SO much older!!!
Got hers off just in time, too ~
Jackson's almost ready for his set!!!

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