Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

We survived!!! It was a fun, busy day and we have TONS of stuff to put away...but Christmas 2013 is officially over...
Hands Down...favorite picture of the WHOLE year ~
The kids woke up about 6:30 and were SO excited!!!
They must have been good this year!
Mary Dalton got her sewing maching, new bed spread, mirror for her room some clothes and a few things for her AG dolls!
Jackson got a metal dectector, BB gun with a scope, new slippers, some science stuff and a couple of movies!
Mary Dalton ate her beef jerky from her stocking as soon as she was done opening gifts! Jackson gave Dalton some Ford mugs and hot chocolate! We can't wait to use them this weekend at the cabin!
Looks like Jax cleaned his stocking OUT!!!
Dalton's family came over for breakfast and Uncle D gave Susan-Laine her morning bottle! It was fun to have both sets of grandparents, Sue-anna's family, and Aunt Linda & Uncle Carl over this year! We had yummy Coffee cake, grits, ham biscuits and sausage!
The kids were so super excited about Susan-Laine opening her gifts, too!
Jackson ADORES this baby!!! He kisses are non-stop! He is SO sweet to her! I just love watching him interact with her!
After breakfast, they took Susan-Laine home for a nap, we got Nana & Pawpaw on the road and then we opened the gifts  under the tree ~
We surprised the kids with tickets to Disney World!!!
They were SHOCKED! We are excited and can't wait to go! We haven't been in a few years so it should be fun since they are big enough to ride the bigger rides!
This picture CRACKS me up! Jackson was so thrilled about getting a "justice" present! It obvisouly was NOT from justice....
After our gifts, we went to Dalton's parents for even more gift giving!!!
Dalton got an awesome custom leather apron which I know he will put to great use at the cabin!
Mary Dalton asked Suz for CLOTHES! She even marked them in the catalogs! She had the best time opening them and then came home and organized her closet! Ahhhh...a girl after my own heart!
Jackson got a microscope, a wood working kit, a game, some boots and lots of Under Armour clothes!
He was so surprised about his Boggs!!!
Mary Dalton did a fashion show and modeled ALL of her new things!
Susan-Laine even got in on the gifts!!!
We gave her this smocked crab dress and Mary Dalton has a matching one! They will be SO cute this summer at the coast wearing them!!!
The kids also got a trampoline from Big & Suz! They've wanted one for awhile now and they can't wait to get it set up!
It was a fun day celebrating with our family!!!

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