Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Festivities ~ ~ ~ ~

We had the BEST weekend!!! Friday night was our Sunday School party ~ that'll have to be a whole blog post one day ~ and then Saturday we woke up to rain...and I was THRILLED because that meant a relaxing day at home! Dalton cooked a HUGE breakfast and let the kids make their own chocolate doughnuts....
We did some holliday baking, painted some canvases for fun and watched movies...I was in my Pjs until 5! That is a PERFECT Saturday!
We went to a surprise party for Sallie Ann on Saturday night! My kids were SO excited about it being a surprise! We went to celebrate her recent graduation from RN school! Jackson and Mary Dalton both made gifts for her, but Jax wrote the SWEETEST note on her gift ~ It said, "Congrats Sallie, I knew you could do it!" He's going to be the BEST husband one day! :)
Mary D. talked Sallie into giving her the fondant bow off of the cake! ;) The girl LOVES a bow!
And this boy LOVES a cake...he was about to take cutting it into his own hands!
Sunday we went to church and then the kids had basketball practice ~ They are really enjoying it!
Last night, we met some friends and went to Lights of the South ~ it was our first trip so we were excited!!!
And I LOVED having Blake there! 3 year olds are just so dang cute...and so excited about EVERYTHING!!! He was precious!!!
We went on a hayride to see the lights ~ the displays were all Christian based and had the plan of salvation on the ride. It was crowded, but the lines moved very quickly!
You could roast marshmallows and make smores ~ FUN!!!
It was FREEZING but of course the kids were "just fine!"
They also had the BEST hot chocolate I have ever had...EVER. I would KILL for some today!!!
It was so much fun to enjoy the lights, friends, food...and even the cold to get us in the Christmas spirit!!!

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