Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Spreading a Little Christmas Cheer.....

in more ways than one!!! I ran in the PO on Monday afternoon and came out to find Jackson using the new mural as his urinal....not to mention our PO is RIGHT SMACK in the middle of town and a pretty busy intersection....oh well....
boys will be boys....right??!?!?
My Key Club members have been hard at work collecting gifts for foster children in our area and helping a young lady with 4 small children. We filled over 20 gift requests for the foster kids and loaded the young mother UP with gifts for her 4 kids...we had scooters, dolls, balls, games, puzzles, playdough, clothes, jackets, socks, and much more! We went on Tuesday and delivered it ~ they were SO appreciative and I am SO proud of these kids (there's a whole lot more...this is just the group that delivered!)!!!
Back at school ~ Mary Dalton's 3rd grade class collected gifts for 2 children who are in need this year. They were from two different families and Miss Christie assigned each child certain items to bring. Mary Dalton had a jacket...and she was SO sweet about it! We bought a light weight coat, a heavy jacket, and a few shirts, too! She had the BEST time doing this for someone else. Miss Christie does not allow gifts to be exchanged at school and they buy for the needy instead. I LOVE this!!! Mary D. had the best time wrapping the gifts for the little girl...she got to wrap lots of them...I don't think the 15 boys in her class were the best wrappers! ;)
Tuesday night, we went to her dance Christmas party at SDC and Jackson went to help Dalton at the farm. Miss Brooke went all out! She had inflatables, tons of sweets, hotdogs and chips/dips. The girls had a blast playing and it was nice to meet some of MD's new dance friends! We start competition practice in January and I am super excited about seeing their new numbers!
We (the kids and I ) feel like Christmas break will NEVER get here!!! We go until the 20th!!! We are on half days due to exams so that does help! They are each having a friend over tomorrow to decorate gingerbread houses in lieu of caroling this year (we ran out of days!) . We have family coming in this weekend and we are ready to celebrate Jesus' birthday with them!!!

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