Monday, December 30, 2013

God's Protection ~

This was a post from a few years ago, but never does January 30th come around that I don't think about this day. It's been 7 years since our wreck, but I can honestly say that not a day goes by that I don't think about it and thank God for keeping my family safe. If you don't wear your seatbelt PLEASE buckle up. If your children aren't in car seats (or they aren't isntalled properly) PLEASE fix this. I am so thankful that God put angles around us to protect us and to help us.

Four years ago today, our life was changed forever. We had celebrated Christmas here in GA with our new family of 4 and with Dalton's family, and it was time to head to MS to see my family. Mary Dalton was 28 months old, Jackson was 11 months old. I am a born again Christian and have prayed for my children since I was a teenager. I prayed God would bless me with healthy children. He did. I prayed God would bless me with a boy and a girl...and He did. After the children were born, I never knew just how much I would pray...all day. EVERYDAY, I pray for their health and safety....everyday...several times a day. I pray God would cover them with His hand and surround them with angels. And He does...everyday. The morning of December 30, 2006, we left around 4 a.m. to head to MS. We left so early, because I could feed Jackson a bottle and then the kids would sleep in the car. We were looking at a 10 hour drive, and needed them to sleep! ;) I remember putting in a Wiggles video for Mary Dalton and Dalton and I small talking until both babies were fast asleep. I had on my glasses because we left so early I did not want to bother with my contacts. I remember looking back in the parent view mirror and seeing my two most precious gifts from God in the back seat. I decided to take a cat nap. I could not really get comfortable and I vividly remember praying. I prayed (like I always do) for protection for our family. I prayed that God would always put Christian people in my chidlren's lives and I prayed that angels would surround us as we travel. Sometime later, I dozed off.
I don't really remember much after that. I was asleep and I heard Dalton scream a scream that no one should ever have to hear. It was pitch black and all I could hear after that was glass and loud crashes. The car flipped three times and we were now upside down in the middle of I20 in Atlanta. Dalton screamed for me to get out of the car, as he was scared someone would hit us. We were upside down, air bags were everywhere and Jackson was screaming. Mary Dalton never made a peep. I somehow managed to get my hands on Jackson and unbuckle him and pull him to the front, then we climbed out the window. When I got out, Dalton was frantically throwing what was left of our luggage all over the road, screaming...looking for Mary Dalton. I was in such a daze, I just stood there and watched. I am not sure how much time passed, but a man walked up and was holding Mary D. He was a fireman and a paramedic and was behind us when the wreck happened...he had seen us earlier and knew that we had 2 babies in the car. As soon he saw the wreck, he stopped and got our baby girl out. There's my angel I prayed for.
The ambulance came and we were seperated. I remember not having my glasses and not being able to see what was going on and feeling so lost. Dalton and Mary Dalton went in one ambulance, Jackson and I in the other. They strapped him down and he had cried so much that his eyes were open, but he was not really crying anymore, just groaning. They pushed him right under me and as long as I sang "Jesus Loves Me" he was quiet. The man in the ambulance kept telling me God was watching over me and my baby and he was praying for my husband and little girl ~ Christian people....another answered prayer.
After arriving at the hospital, Jackson was moved to a children's hospital. Dalton was discharged and able to go with him. I had to stay at the hospital for more x rays and tests. The nurses took Mary Dalton ~ they fed her and let her watch a movie until our friends who live in ATL got there to help us with her. More Christians ~ another answered prayer.
As I prayed for God's protection, I had no idea that literally mintues later He would provide it in a way that is still amazing. We all four walked away with minor injuries. It took Dalton & me weeks to fully recover, but we had not one broken bone or one stitch. My babies ~ perfectly fine.....
The wreck was not our fault. There was another accident on the road that had not been moved. They cut off their lights and kept their car in the road, it was really foggy and when Dalton saw the car, he almost swirved enough to miss it...literally a inch or so. It shut down the interstate for over 4 hours.
Dalton & I will forever be changed because of what we went through. We SWEAR by a Britax carseat. The only marks on the children were from the straps of the carseat holding them in tight. We ALWAYS wear our seatbelts. We would not be alive if we had not been wearing them.
So, today, 4 years later ~ I continue to pray God's protection over my family...because He hears my prayers....and continues to protect my precious babies everyday.
This is the front view of the car. You can see where we hit the other car on the passenger's side.

Closer view of the front

Car seats ~ untouched....
The officers said that these are the safest seats you can buy ~ BUY ONE if you have a baby! They also said that the side curtain airbags helped protect the children.

Pretty amazing, huh? Traveling about 70 mph, flip 3 times, total your car and walk away unhurt...God is GOOD!
I bought another Pilot exactly like the one we wrecked....and will probably drive one until I can't drive anymore!
It was not an experince that I EVER want to relive, but in the same breath ~ seeing God's hand and protection in the entire ordeal is truly answered prayer and amazing to me. I am so thankful for answered prayers!

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