Saturday, March 22, 2014

March Madness ~ ~ ~ ~

I've had my own kind of "March Madness" around here lately!!! I have been trying to take 2-3 rooms a week and "deep clean" them ~ baseboards, closets, organize, throwing out stuff, etc.
I've got TWO room left!!!
I LOVE having everything neat, fresh and organized!!!
Yesterday's project was getting the kids' summer/spring clothes out and seeing what still fits!
Mary Dalton has a TON because dresses fit forever...
but both have NO shoes and Jackson needs shorts!
Gonna start working on that soon!
Mary Dalton was SO excited Thursday for school ~ She made me these earrings from a kit she got at the book fair and I wore them. They were pretty cute! :)
She also had a field trip with her class to a play and to the park...
When she got back from the park...she looked AWFUL! She was pale and said her throat was hurting. She truly never fully "rebounded" from the fever last week, so off to the Dr. we went!
Jackson was well entertained by his new "Dude Diary" from the book fair!
The Dr. confimred she had strep! She hasn't had it in over a year...there for awhile she kept it ALL the time! She actually hadn't been to the dr since last Feb when she had the flu! VERY thankful that they are older and not as sick as much!
After Rx on Thursday and Friday morning, she was feeling MUCH better at lunch...and I needed a break from that massive pile of clothes so we went and got pedicures! The little woman asked "Your school close today?" When I told her no, that MDD had strep but was better now....she still put a mask on! ha! Nothing  like spreading some germs to the nail ladies!
After our pedicures, MD requested McDoanlds. The manager asked if it would be ok if she had a milkshake and she fixed her a Shamrock Shake for free! MDD was so excited! A free milk shake is better than you pay for ANY day of the week!!!
We have a few sunny warm days forecasted so we are taking FULL advantage of them!
We loaded up the bikes and scooters and went and rode at the pecan plant last night! They had the BEST time!!!
We came home and they showered in our shower...
those two laughed and laughed and laughed....
They clogged the drain with cloths to make a hot tub...and use up all the hot water! ;)
After baths, we watched Grown Ups 2 ~ It was hialrious!!!!
Dalton's officially on "turkey patrol" til May so they got to sleep with me last night!!!
Super fun start to our weekend for sure!!!

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