Thursday, March 20, 2014

Week 11 ~ #dailydowdypic

Day 72 ~ There is NOTHING better than coming home to work than this cutie!!!! 
I was SO excited I got to play with her before they left for the coast! She is growing up too fast!!! 
Day 73 ~ 
You'd never know it from this picture, but 8 hours before this was taken MDD was one sick chick!!! 
She checked out on Thursday and we stayed home on Friday ~ she was well enough by lunch to go to the coast!!! 
Day 73 ~ continued...
Mary D. left, Jax came home sick!!!
Would that stop this mama from a trip to Walmart?
Heavens no! He slept while I shopped! :) 
Day 74 ~ Poor guy's worse day! He got up and turkey hunted with Dalton but came back with high fever! 
Slept til lunch then was good to go again!!! 
Day 75 ~
Met Sooz half way to get this cutie back!!! She had a great time with her Aunt Sue-anna! She is one of her favorite people!!
Day 76 ~ 
My day to carpool the girls to dance...and it was FREEZING and RAINING!!!
Jax & I made a trip by Dollar Tree and had a Sonic picnic in the car! 
Day 77 ~ 
"GRAND" day at the book fair...
which means your grandparents come and bring you lunch...and then buy all teh crap your parents refuse to buy!!! They were excited Big came to fulfill their wish list!!! 
And just a few extras ~ ~ ~ ~
LOVED this!!! A teacher brought this to me...Mary Dalton added "Big" beside Jerry Dowdy...
"Just in case they don't know his real name!" ha!! 
Jackson has been wanting a turkey vest...
His sweet Daddy ordered him one and the child has not taken it off!!!
He wore it to bed last night and to school this morning!!! 
I think I have another serious hunter on my hands!!! 

Warm weather is headed our way and I am SO excited!!!
Lots of outside time in my very near future!!!! 

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