Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter 2014 ~

Easter is hands down my favorite holiday! I love that it is spring, I love that everything is new and fresh, I love that I "officially" wear white pants... I .just LOVE it!!!
This year ~ I LOVE that Miss Susan-Laine was in town to help us celebrate!!! She came over to play yesterday and we had the BEST time with her sweet little self!!!
This is the first year EVER we did not plan our annual egg hunt!!! Dalton and I were out of town last weekend...when we typically do it...and the church was having theirs on we opted not to do it this year...and I am SO SO SO thankful because it rained BUCKETS!!! All the hunts were cancelled! Hate it didn't work out, but so thankful I didn't waste my money on invites, food, etc!
The kids were SO excited this morning! They got sun glasses, a movie, a hat, a make up bag and candy! The bunny hid eggs in the house for them to find, too!
This was our EPIC FAIL at making Resurrection Cookies ~ They were supposed to be mounds to represent the tomb...and hollow to represent that the tomb is empty....these babies were flat as flat can be...but the actually tasted good! The kids had fun making them and looking up the Bible verses that go along with each ingredient!
All dressed and ready for Sunday School! Mary Dalton was SO excited because she KNEW there would be visitors in Sunday School ~ she is the ONLY girl in her whole department so when there is a visiting girl...she is pumped!!!
My sweet family ~
So blessed that they are mine....
It won't be long until I am the shortest one in the house....
Jackson was not thrilled about wearing the seersucker suit..."The Great Compromise" was that he got to wear camo boots...and he later TUCKED the pants into the boots...It's a new look here in GA ~ Camo and seersucker...
Hey ~ I gotta pick my battles....
Someone at church commented on his reply~?~?~?~
"We are just white trash with good college degrees...."
After church, we went to Sooz and Big's house for lunch...
Jax got his hands on this doll as soon as we walked in!
He ADORES her!!!!
Sweet Cousins ~
(check out those legs....oh. my. word.....want to squeeze them!!!!)
It's an Easter miracle!!!!
A decent picture of the 4 of us!!!
Miss Patti and Mr. Jeb joined us today for lunch ~
she was SO sweet and brought the kids both SUPER NICE kites!!! They have been wanting kites FOREVER so this made their day!!!
Lunch was delicious and dessert was heavenly ~ It was a perfect day to celebrate a RISEN KING and all the blessings and love he has given us!!!
Happy Easter!!!

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