Saturday, May 24, 2014

AG Store, Cousins & MS Fun!!!

The kids and I left on Thursday for our annual summer trip to Natchez!!! 
WE came a little early this year because the kids are coming back for a week in July and we wanted to spread out our visits!
The first stop on Thursday was at AG store! 
Mary Dalton earned some money for her AR points and her overall average awards at school!!!
She was BEYOND THRILLED to be at the AG Store!! Jackson was even sweet as pie while we were in there...never complained once! All he said was, "These dolls are starting to freak me out...they're all staring at me!" ;) 
She bought a cabana, beach chair set and 3 outfits! She was the first person in GA to buy the cabana and beach set ~ they were released that morning!That made her purchases even more special!!!
(and sweet Jax offered to carry the bags! LOVE!)
We also stopped in Leeds, AL at the outlet mall ~ We got to my sister's around 4:30 and enjoyed our visit with them! 
Zach was having his recital for guitar and we got to go ~ 
Julie tagged along and Aunt Tasha had a blast playing with her! :)
Let me say ~ I was VERY impressed with Zach!!!!
The boy can not only play but can sing too!!! He was by far the best soloist there...and I am not being partial...he was really that good! So glad we got to be a part of this! You miss SO much when you don't live near your family ~ so attending things like this are super fun to me! 
We left from AL on Friday morning and got to Natchez around lunch. 
I can't even begin to explain how much my children love coming to Nana and Pawpaw's.
They play from sun up til sun down...and then sleep on the porch! It's a child's heaven for sure! 
Speaking of heaven ~ Jackson has had a grand time collecting locust! There is a CONSTANT roar outside and literally there are thousands....everywhere. 
And....Mary Dalton found heaven in a box...
A HUGE box of treats ~ pop tarts, pringles, gummies, M&M's, honey buns....
Nana had a box of their favorite foods/snacks waiting on them!!! 
After we got settled in we headed to Dollar Tree ~ Nana gives them each $10 and they have so much fun picking out art stuff, toys, etc for the tree house! We ran in the shoe store...and wouldn't you know MD found a heel that ALMOST fits her...and she bought it.
With her own money. 
(sad thing is ~ she walks better in them than most adults!) 
This morning we woke up early and headed to Franklin County to see my sweet Aunt Winnie ~ who is 84 and STILL CUTS HER OWN GRASS.  Seriously.
They don't make women like this anymore. 
She is SO precious and reminds me so much of my Nannie. I am so thankful my kids have gotten to know her! They look forward to seeing her every time we are in MS. 
After we visited with Aunt Winnie, we headed to the creek ~ Never mind we have a pool  ~theses kids LOVE LOVE LOVE going to the creek!!!! We had it to ourselves and it was the PERFECT day with perfect weather...and some of the best pimento cheese you have tasted in your life. My mama is the QUEEN at making P&C! 
Jackson found a turtle and caught lots of minnows! 
I buried them in the sand and they had sand in every nook and cranny on their bodies...
but it was SO much fun!!!!
We've got 2 1/2 days left of fun!!!
Can't wait!!

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