Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day fun in MS!!!

We had a super fun, but busy Memorial Day in Natchez! While I went to Kelly's Kids to check out the outlet the kids stayed with Nana and played Brownie Wars ~ They each made their own brownies, added what they wanted to the batter, made their own icing, and decorated the brownies. 
Then ~ WE had to judge them. 
Jackson won!!! His brownies were so chewy! My favorite...BUT! Her icing was better...we gotta combine the two and we might be on to something! 
Jackson has spent lots of time in the shop learning to make arrowheads. 
When he started, he didn't even ask Pawpaw HOW to do it ~ He picked up a book and figured out how to start it!
This was his first one! Pawpaw helped him finish it out but he is off to a good start! He had made several since we have been here! 
We had lunch at Soda Pops and then went downtown for some sightseeing!
Mama and I took the kids to The National Cemetery in Natchez/  We found the graves of my aunt's parents. I think it was a good experience for them...and can' t wait to take them to Arlington one day. 
Perfect place to visit on Memorial Day! We are so thankful for our men and women who serve/have served! 
We also stopped by the City Cemetery!
It is SO beautiful there! We stopped at this tree ~ It is dated back to the 1400's ~ Oh my word!!! How we wished this tree could talk! It was struck by lightning and it is hard to see, but if you look at it (In person) you can see what looks like a confederate soldier carrying his backpack....
It was super cool! 
That bench in the picture below is where Dalton & I sat for hours on his first trip to Natchez! We were riding around and somehow ended up here ~ 
The trap doors are from another well known grave there. This is the grave of a little girl who died when she was 10. She was scared of storms and so her mother had stairs built down to the girls' head so she could stay with her when it stormed. The coffin had a glass panel so the mother could see the girl.  It's been covered because of vandals. but you can walk down the stairs and sit where her mother sat. It was really weird to be "grave level" and also very sad! My kids are STILL talking about this! 
We also made a stop by the new visitor's center! It was SO SO SO nice! If you are every passing through it is a must see!!! We watched a 20-30 min movie on the history of Natchez and then went through several exhibitions that were hands-on. GREAT history lesson!!! They learned so much!!! 
St,. Mary's Cathedral was on the movie and they recognized that they had passed that church before and asked if we could go it. We made a quick stop and walked through. It is beautiful! They had more questions about Nuns and confessionals than anything! ;) 
We also went to see The Turning Angel. This is the most popular grave at the cemetery.  It was constructed to watch over the tombs in front of it ~ All those girls were killed in a fire at a local drug store.  I have ridden by this thing a-many-a-time when I was in high school ~ It was made to give the optical illusion that the angel is following you! The cemetery is SO historical! I love sharing this with my kids! Here's a link to read more about the two stories ~ 
We went in a few stores downtown before heading home and then enjoyed some delicious homemade ice cream and more pimento cheese! We are planning to head back to Birmingham this afternoon and then will be back in GA tomorrow! We have had a great time but we are missing Dalton/Daddy and can't wait to get back to him!!! 

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