Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Week 21 ~#dailydowdypic

Week 21 took us to Mississippi to see my family!!!
We had the best time and got in today after lunch! We have been busy unpacking and putting up our is SO nice to come home with clean laundry AND have children old enough to put it away!!! ;)
We went to Jackson yesterday and saw my sister in law and Elizabeth! We missed Shane and John Mark (they were working) but we enjoyed catching up with them! My kids love "Lily"  ~ especially Jackson!
Soooo.....on to our fun week!!!
Day 142 ~
On the way to MS, Mary Dalton got to go to AG store and spend her money she earned from her Daddy for her highest average awars and overal AR points!!!
Day 143 ~
After a night in Birmingham with Aunt Tasha and Uncle Jay we made our way to MS!!!
We were ALL so thankful to be in MS and closer to Nana and Pawpaw!
Day 144 ~
PERFECT day spent at the creek in Franklin County!
We took a picnic and had a blast!
Day 145  ~
We met up with my best friend from high school and college roommate and her kids for the afternoon! They had the BEST time with Coleman and Harper!
Day 146  ~
Happy Memorial Day!!!!
Day 147  ~
Enjoyed lunch at Mammy's Cupboard! It was delicious!!!! (and such a fun atmosphere!)
Day 148 ~
On the road AGAIN!!! Made the LONG journey back home!!! We had a great time but we were all ready to see Dalton/Daddy!!! We missed him!
(I actually think Jackson missed him most! He was SO excited when Dalton came to see us this afternoon after we got home!)
And just because I took these pics too ~
We stopped at Bass Pro on the way home so Jackson could spend his money!
He picked a pop up hunting blind! He put it together the minute we got home and was so excited to show his Daddy!
I am looking forward to being at home for the next week or so!
Can't wait for to spend the summer with these two!
We've got some fun things planned!!!

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