Friday, May 30, 2014

This Too, Shall Pass...

To say it hasn't been "smooth sailing" since we retunred from MS would be a HUGE understatement.
The past 3 days have been BEYOND crappy.
My feelings have been hurt.
Dalton's feelings have been hurt.
I have felt like I am ROYALLY messing up raising my kids.
The kids have fought nonstop.
Jackson had a migraine.
Mary Dalton has had a hard few days just being 9.
I have yelled and screamed at the kids TRYING to get them to cooperate...
They are TV, no pool, they can't even go upstairs.
It's been a long day already and it's not even lunch.
I don't feel like I have been a very good Mama lately.
I don't feel like I have been a very good wife lately.
I gained FIVE pounds in the last weeks from all the vacationing/eating out!
Last night I promise I would have sold everything we had...moved in a RV and just went to some remote place and the 4 of us live happily ever after...
Just a bad week ~
I keep telling myself
"This too, shall pass..."
and trying to focus on the good things in our life.
I am SO thankful for a good husband who loves me and provides for us. Dalton works ENDLESS hours...constantly to make sure we have what we need...and then some! 
I am thankful for the 2 little people who live in our house...even though they have pushed me in to "CRAZY WOMAN" mode this week!
I am thankful for our house.
I am thankful for our health.
And I am thankful that
"This too, shall pass."

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