Sunday, June 1, 2014

Our Happy Place...

After a rough start to adjusting to life NOT on vacation ~ our weekend picked up some! Friday night we headed to the farm. When we are here, it just seems like everything is "right" in the world.
No cell service (or very little) ~
No one to bother us  ~
No distractions of chores that need to be done  ~
Just the 4 of us and time.
Vacation was wonderful, but I honestly can I say that I enjoy these weeknds at the cabin just as much!
We played a "friendly" game of football and had the best time!
Jackson had his first kill with his new gun  ~
he was SO excited!
And we were ALL excited that we spotted some ripe blackberries!!!
There aren't too many ready just yet but in another week or so we will be in business!
We spent some time riding the golf cart and enjoying the night!
(I am in LOVE with this picture of these two!!!!)
We went to church today and then the kids' had their Team Kid end of the year swim party tonight!
Crappy start of weekend turned wonderful! :)
We have a BUSY week ahead!!! Mary Dalton is going to a day camp ~ Summer in the Son ~ has dance and another appointment...Jackson starts Jr Jags Football and Basketball camp tomorrow! Praying for NO broken bones!!!!
Throw in some swimming, a sleep over, a trip to Augusta, and mine and Dalton's anniversary!!!
Busy week for sure!!!

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