Friday, August 1, 2014

And That's a Wrap ~ Last week of summer....

Our last week of summer has officially ended! I go back to work on Monday and the kids start on Wednesday! It was an AWESOME summer with SO many adventures and fun times, but I am ready to get back in a routine and move on!
We have Jr Pro to look forward to this year ~ although it is taking some SERIOUS efforts to figure out how to get each child where he/she is going to need to be for practice! I HATE over scheduling but we aren't going to be able to avoid it for the first 6-8 weeks of school so we will make the best of it and enjoy time carpooling with great friends!!!!
Mary Dalton's last "Big" thing she wanted to do this summer was have Anne Marie and Emerson over spend the night! She dances with them and just loves them! They are super sweet girls!!!
They had so much fun swimming and rollerblading ~
It worked out great because the 4 kids took turns in two's  doing different things...
The twins have two brothers, so they played with Jackson just as good as they play with MD! :)
Poor Jackson fell asleep and the girls got him GOOD!
They drew all over him and even added a mustache! ;)
Thankfully, he was a SUPER good sport about it ~
It's hard to be the little brother sometimes!
After we ate at Subway they wanted to go play on the sand piles behind the plant ~
My kids LOVE this and the twins did too but they were FLITHY!!!!
MAJOR load of laundry happening right here...
Then they spotted this cement mess ~
They were NASTY but they had the BEST time!
They had a great time and I am so thankful for the sweet friends our kids have!!!
After they left Thursday ~ MD set up a spa in her bathroom ~
She had herself a ball! :)
Thursday night ~ we invited the Millers over for pizza and swimming!
It was FREEZING!!! When has it EVER been 72 in July in GA?!?!
These nuts didn't care...chattering teeth and all they swam for over an hour!
And today ~
High of 82...
Feels like fall!!!
I am home alone tonight which is RARE as we all know!
Mary Dalton went back to the beach with her friend, Maggie.
Jackson is at a back to school camp out with is friend Fisher.
Dalton is in ATL at a hunting show with his dad.
I debated on whether to go running or order Chinese and watch a chick flick...
I went with the Chinese!
Perfect end to my last day of summer!!! :)

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