Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer 2014 Recap ~

The best part of my job is having time off when my kids have time off!
I love the breaks we have from school ~ it allows us so much freedom and time to have fun!
Summer 2014 was one for the books for sure!
We had so much fun and I loved every second of it!
Here's how we spent the summer of 2014 ~
Our summer got off to an awesome start with vacation!
Disney Cruise!
Visited family in MS ~ the kids actually went TWICE this summer which was extra special and extra fun!
Made stops in AL to see Aunt Tasha and her crew!
MD got to spend the money she earned for AR and highest averages at none other than the AG store!
Visited the historic city cemetary in Natchez and learned a LOT!
MD went to camp for the first time and loved it!
Ahhhhh....Wednesday night date nights! Every. Single. Week.
I got to go out with this handsome man...
did I mention we had a great summer? ;)
Swimming with friends ~
Panning for gold ~
Tubing ~
Eating LOTS of pop ices!!!!
Outings with friends ~
Beach trip with The Sims ~
Playing the mud after a summer rain ~
Jackson went to art camp and had a blast!
MD got to go to the coast and spend some time with our sweet Razz!
and we ate GOOD!!!
And Daddy swam ~ and made the kids BEYOND happy!!!
The Palmers came for a visit ~
Jax learned to climb a deer stand ~
(and so did MD)
Dalton took the kids in The Sprint in the their Pj's ~ or Jackson in his underwear...
Jackson met a moon shiner...
Mary D learned to bake all by herself ~ we now always have sweets in the hosue...which is not a good thing for my diet! ;)
Dalton and I went on a much needed and long overdue trip to Mexico ~
JAx perfected his dive ~
Played on the sand hills ~
Learned to roller blade ~
Enjoyed lots of supper outings ~
Jackson went to his first camp out and loved it ~
Mary D went to the beach with Maggie not once, but twice!
I'd say summer 2014 was a huge success and one of the best we have had yet!!!

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