Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back to School 2014 ~

Well ~ the 1st day of school for this year is in the books!
Both kids had a great day and love their teachers!
Dalton cooked them a huge breakfast this morning ~
They got to pick the menu...
bacon, biscuits, sausage.
Bless their hearts...
They won't get breakfast again all year...
grab what you can find and eat in the car is my motto! ;)

And just because I love comparision pics ~
and they are so cute.... ;)
K3 and K4 ~

K4 and K5
K5 and 1st grade ~
1st grade and 2nd grade ~
2nd grade and 3rd grade ~
And today!!!
3rd grade adn 4th grade...
I wonder if next year will be the year he is taller than her???
It won't be too long and I will be the shortest!!!
I am so proud of them...
they are so precious (99% of the time! ha!)
Showing off their new backpacks!
It's hard to get pics when you teach, too ~
but I did get this one of some of Jackson's class! 5 of the 7 in this picture have parents at the school...notice it's 7:35 and they had been there awhile already!
Mary Dalton's sweet friends in her class ~
How precious are these girls??!?!

Everyone is still excited about their day!
They should TOTALLY crash early tonight...and I will be right behind them!

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