Monday, September 15, 2014

Arsty Us & Monday ~

As fun as yesterday was ~ today was Monday in FULL Monday fashion!
I slept through my morning exercise time, forgot my bag, was tired all day ~ oh I am ready for Friday again already!!!
Sunday ~ was Funday!
After church, we went to a mixed media art party!
My kids LOVE art so this was super fun ~
Everyone was freaking out that Mary Dalton was still in her church clothes and we were painting ~
That girl of mine came home SPOTLESS ~ she's a trained professional...
Jackson's clothes = RUINED!!! ;)
We used scraps of paper, paint, stickers, markers and stamps to create a canvas that represented us!
Jackson used camo, football paper, lots of blues, grays and greens ~ MD used all things girlie ~ surprise, surprise!
Fun day with these two ~ even though the MESS of this TOTALLY had my OCD in overdrive ~
I was cleaning up other people's messes! I could NOT teach this class ~ WAY too messy for me...
but it was fun! :)
Love these two  ~
Even though the are making me age....
Mary Dalton was SO excited today because she got to wear her shirt that was signed by the Kim of Queens girls on Saturday!!!
Poor Jax got a migraine at school today ~ this front coming in is KILLING his poor head! :(
Luckily ~ I had planning then lunch so he had 90 mins to sleep after he took his meds ~
Check out the size of that bark bucket! ha!
I got him a cot and he slept and then went back to class ~
he is a TROOPER!!!
Bless their hearts ~ my kids get sick at school and I find a cot and a bucket and keep teaching!
Hopefully they won't hold it against me when they are older! ha! :)

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