Saturday, September 13, 2014

PRICELESS Saturday!!!!

It is HARD for me to keep a surprise ~ but I did it today and it was SO much fun!!!
I picked Mary Dalton up from a sleep over and we headed on a "Surprise Outing" ~
She had NO IDEA where we were headed...and when I told her....she FREAKED out!!! Even Jackson was excited!!!
We went to a meet and greet with the Kim of Queens cast!!! (her favorite show!)
She saw Marah first ~ and had met her back in the spring at a dance competition ~ Marah remembered meeting MD and that TOTALLY made her beam from ear to ear!!!
The event was held at a grand opening for a Chevrolet place ~ everything was free...
shirts, hotdogs, drinks, games, inflatables, rides...
The people who own it are very strong in their faith ~
SUPER nice people!!!
Kim, her sister and mother sang a couple of Christian songs, shared their testimony and then talked about the show with the other cast members! We were FIRST in line after their show and MD was SO excited to see Kim!!!!
She was SO SO SO sweet to both of the kids! She told Jackson he was a 'hunk of meat" and he was cracking up at them! They are HILARIOUS!!!
And FINALLY ~ Mary Dalton met Addison ~
She was in awe of her...
She warmed up and started talking but she was just smiling and staring at her!
She did tell her that she dances with Melonie and she has a fish named Addison! :)
She got to meet Kelly ~ Addison's mother ~ who may be the sweetest lady I have ever met. I talked to her 10-15 minutes and felt like we had known each other forever! She was PRECIOUS!!!
I really can't say enough about the cast. This is our third encounter with different cast members (the other two times we just ran into them!) and EVERYTIME they have been SO kind and gracious! I don't know if I could act so nice and take time to talk to EVERY SINGLE PERSON that stops them....but they do....and they do it with such sweet spirits!
Kim told Mary Dalton she would love for her to come to The Pageant Place for classes ~ and asked if she did pageants ~ I told her no...and didn't share my STRONG dislike for them ~ but you can only imagine that is ALL she is talking about now!!!
Jackson helped himself to autographs and pictures with some pretty girls while we were there! :)
He was even excited ~ even though he wouldn't admit it! ;)
I am SO thankful I decided to take them today ~ and SO thankful I kept my mouth shut and surprised them!!!
We went and had lunch before heading home!
Addison's mom recommended this place for lunch so MD was beside herself!!! :)
Jax ~ just wanted some cheese dip! ha!
When we got back ~ we went and got Razz!!!
Jackson is SO good with her! He is the sweetest, most patient babysitter!
We got to keep her from 3 til 7:30...and we loved every second of it!
It was a day to remember for sure!!!
Mary Dalton said that today was "The best day in the whole life...even better than Christmas!"

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