Friday, September 12, 2014

Date Night With Jax!

Today was "all about Jackson" day!
Dalton was not at home and MAry Dalton was at a sleep over so he got to pick what we did and we had a "date night!"
I adore this boy of mine...
He picked going to the pet store ` I think he would have stayed there ALL night! He loves a pet!
He really wants a bird.
I HATE much as I hate mice and hamsters.
However ~ I will be happy to take him and let him visit them at the pet store! :)
I, myself, was a personal fan of this frog!
After the pet store ~ We went to see Dolphin Tale 2 ~
It was GREAT to see a clean, good, family movie!
He picked Chic Fila for supper and then we headed home ~
We when we got in the car this was on the radio....
and it TOTALLY made his night!!!
We got home in time to go see Susan-Laine and get some kisses before she had to go to bed!
We love it so much when that precious baby is in town!!!
We came home and got showered and were in bed by 9 ~
THAT is a perfect date! :)
Fun night with my favorite boy!!!

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