Wednesday, September 24, 2014

week 38 ~ #dailydowdypic

Day 261 ~
Heaven help me!!!
I sorted through LOTS of fall clothes and put up the summer stuff this past week!
Jackson has ONE pair of jeans!
We will be shopping for him soon!
Day 262 ~
Mary Dalton is ready for Pink Out at school  ~
Jax did not participate...he isn't too fond of pink! ;)
day 263  ~
Park time on our Saturday!
Day 264 ~
Checking out the haunted house at Lowe's  ~
My kids LOVE Halloween!
day 265 ~
possibly my favorite quote.
Day 266 ~
this is the face of a girl who just cheered her LAST football game!
It has been a LONG cheer season when your mom is the sponsor and you HATE's no me...for either of us! I made her finish her commitment and she has VOWED to NEVER EVER cheer again!!!
Day 267  ~
Football will be over next week ~
I will be glad to have some time "off" and at home but Jackson is going to miss it SO much!
I am going to miss all the extra work I get done at school while he practices! ;)

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